AME Amatuer sx big hit !!

AME Amatuer sx big hit !!

Hey everyone

The AME Amatuer Sx warmup was a big hit this past weekend! We all were privileged to experience some of the best youth sx talent the sport has ever witnessed ! We had bar to bar racing in every class cool trophy’s for the winners and money and gift card to our elite Amatuer all star class.

We will post the complete results from this event on Wednesday October 3rd

Below was just a few of the class winners.

All star: Jo Shimoda

250 youth: Degan Palmer

Supermini 12-16: Josh Varise

Supermini 9-14: Jett Reynolds

85 open: Raven Gordon

85 9-14: Raven Gordon

85 7-11: Enzo Timmerman

65 open: Evan woody

51 open: Wyatt Thurman

Pw 1st timer : Noah Cornejo

Klx 110: Jake Osborne

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