Crazy 4 dirt article

Crazy 4 dirt article

Tony Alessi Fills a Much Needed Gap in Supercross

Earlier this year, Tony Alessi started a new series “AME Minicross” to help young riders prepare for the sport of Supercross. When riders dream of coming up to the pros their most natural path is going to Loretta Lynn’s and competing against other amateurs. While Loretta’s is a solid foundation for the outdoors, it does not help a rider to transition into Supercross. Tony Alessi recognized this through his own son Mike and his experience with the sport. It was through that experience that Alessi saw a void in the sport that truly needed filling and the AME Minicross series was born.

The AME Minicross series began in May of this year, which according to Alessi was “extremely competitive” and well received.  A new minicross track was built specifically for the series at Milestone MX in Riverside, California. The track consists of jumps, whoops, and 90 degree turns – all scaled down so that smaller bikes are able to compete on the track. The summer series included 6 rounds of competition on various weekends, all at the newly developed minicross track at Milestone MX.

In an interview by Michael Antonovich of Transworld Motocross Alessi speaks of the venture saying, “I felt like with my boys I missed it on Supercross. We put so much effort into Loretta Lynn’s and winning that we were 99.9-percent motocross and we missed the Supercross element. Realistically, I think it was a big nail in Mike’s confidence and when he went to his first Supercross, he was slower than the test rider at KTM, which was Casey Lytle.  It took about ten years for him to get decently good at Supercross and we could have had those ten years in prior to pro racing if we had a program like Minicross. It’s a junior level, scaled down Supercross run under the same format. We do heat races and main events just like a Supercross. I feel like just because I missed it,  I don’t want other local kids to miss that.”

The series is the first ever junior Supercross in Southern California’s history. With the format consisting of short heat races and long main events modeled specifically after Supercross, it is no wonder it has been so well received. The series invites riders ranging from 50cc’s all the way up to 250cc and 450cc machines, each having the opportunity to compete, learn and develop the necessary skills to master Supercross.

The fall installment of the AME Minicross series begins October 20th. It includes 6 rounds of racing from October 20th through December 15th, with half the rounds held at the Glen Helen Stadium Cross Supercross track and half at the newly constructed Minicross track at Milestone MX. Tony Alessi told Crazy4Dirt of the fall series “The response has been huge!! We have riders using our event to prepare for the Monster Cup All Stars and Supermini events. We also have a big group preparing for Anaheim Stadium Supercross Futures event!”

Without a doubt the new AME Minicross series will eventually raise the level of competition in the AMA Monster Energy Supercross series. Crazy4Dirt is anxiously awaiting the first competitors to emerge from Alessi’s new endeavor and just what it will mean for the sports future. One has to believe it brings a lot of hope and promise to the kind of racing we should expect in the upcoming years.

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