2018-11-10 ??? Race Report Round 3 Amatuer SX Heats Up!

2018-11-10 ??? Race Report Round 3 Amatuer SX Heats Up!

Motocross Action Magazine Mid Week Report

Round three of the AME Amateur SX saw points tighten up in multiple classes as new rivalries formed at the newly constructed Amateur SX track at Glen Helen Raceway.

Dane Morales, son of ASV inventor, Bob Morales was on a mission winning arguably the two most difficult classes: the 85cc Open and always super competitive Super Mini class. But Morales found himself a tough little competitor in the 85cc 7-11 class in the form of Kelana Humphrey!

Humphrey battled Morales hard in every turn diving low and pushing high trying to fight off the advances of Morales. Sparks flew (literally) when the both collided into one another with both going down in a cloud of dust. Morales remounted to come back to fourth while Kelana suffered a leg injury and was carried off the track. In the end cool heads prevailed as storm hawk watched the combat go down from a safe distance behind and waited for the two to tangle. And tangle they did as hawk went on to post the main event win with new race tech mini marvel Lawson dye and Seth Nemec rounding out the podium.

Dye had quite a race of his own later in the day with another former race tech mini marvel winner Alexis Dunn in the 85 Novice class.

Dunn took advantage of a fat holeshot in the 85cc novice ranks while dye was a bit trigger happy and hit the gate and got stuck in the gate leaving him dead last.

Dye was ripping and was passing riders at will trying to catch Dunn.

Near the end of race dye was on the back wheel of Dunn and the battle was on! Dye was pushing hard and went off course in a rhythm lane but re entered safely but lost ground.

On the last lap dye caught Dunn again and battled was rekindled.

Dye sent it through the roller section before the finish line but went into an out of control spiral sending him off the side of the finish line jump. Dye missed the following turn completely and re entered behind Dunn.

The two battled to the finish line with Dye getting a wheel in to capture the checker flag first. In the end Dunn was awarded the win when race officials penalized dye 5 seconds for missing a turn on the track and gaining an advantage.

Degan Palmer and his fly racing Shoei helmet XPR MCR Honda took control of both 250 Non Pro and Amateur All Star classes. Josh Varize was super smooth today in route in 2nd and a third and may have been a winner in the 250 Non Pros but a slide out cost him any chance he might have had.

Great racing at round three and Glen Helen round four will take place at Milestone MX park the Saturday after thanks giving.