Stacyc Cup 2021

Supplementary rules & Regulations

The stacyc Cup will be a 6 round series held at Glen Helen Cycle Park
(stadiumcross track )
located at 18585 Verdemont Ranch Rd
San Bernardino, CA 92407

Stacyc Riders will race for the opportunity to be the best in there age Category and the chance to become 2021 Stacyc cup champions.

At Each round the top -5 in each class will earn :

First place : Gold cup
Second place : Stacyc Plaque
Third Place : Stacyc plaque
Fourth place : Stacyc Medal
Fifth place : Stacyc Medal

The Champion’s Day will be the final round of the series (Sept -4) where the over all class Champions will be recognized in the Glen Helen Awards room. Class Champions will be determined by riders scoring the most series event wins ( tie breakers determined by rider who wins the final event )

There will be stock and modified classes for girls & boys from age 2-8 years of age.  12 inch bikes will race one 5 lap race and 16 inch bikes will race one 7 lap race. Riders are permitted and encouraged to race more than one class.

Stock Class Rules :

Stock Class is designed for riders who do not want to modify there bikes and want to race on an equal playing field. The Definition of a Stock Bike is a Bike as it comes off the show room floor with the exception of Graphics and larger ( 5 amp stacyc battery )

permitted Changes :

graphics & larger stacyc (5amp) Batteries

Not permitted Changes ( examples)
tires / wheels
bars or bar risers
brushless engine in 12 inch
gearing changes from standard bike ratios
skid plates


Penalty’s will be issued per offense at the discretion of the race director.

Stacyc stock Bike protests must be in writing accompanied by $250 cash service fee.

Age :

age of racer is based on the riders age as of jan -1 2021.

Riders will be required to produce a valid and current birth certificate in the event of an age protest.

all age protests must be in writing and accompanied by a $100 service fee.

Practice schedule :

Race schedule is 11:00-12:30

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