Contact Information: AME Race Department

Phone: (904) 610-0197


Pre-register at to secure your race entry and number. Pre-registration deadline is the Friday prior to the event.

Post entries will be accepted until the start of practice on the day of the event.



Rider must be age and skill appropriate for the class that he/she is entering.

5 riders are required to make a class AME reserves the right to combine classes if there are not enough riders to make a class.

Rider must have correct safety gear, including but not limited to long sleeve jersey, helmet, boots and goggles.

Rider must attend riders meeting.

in the event of an age protest Birth certificate (original certified copy) or Pass Port must be presented with in 7 days upon request from all participants.

Parent or Guardian must sign all releases and remain at the race track with the minor participant all day.

Parent or Guardian must present a valid driver’s license or photo id upon request.

Age is based on January 1st

Race Number:

Pre-registered riders have race number preference.

On-site registration numbers are on a first come first served

basis. Rider must have a number on all three plates.

CLASS Specifications:




first time racer classes (16inch stacyc class the pw class 51 cc, 65cc 85cc ) are geared towards the new racer . riders entering these classes will be moved to beginner class after they score there first win.Rider exemption may be given based on age or skill of the rider at the time of the event.
The Cost for a request for exemption review shall be $25

Beginner class: Reserved for riders with less than 6 months racing experience in that displacement class. Riders scoring 3 consecutive wins will advance to junior class. Rider exemptions may be given by race director based on age or riders skill level at the time of the event.

Junior class : riders racing 1 year or less. Riders scoring 5 consecutive wins will move to the age group or open classes. Rider exemptions may be given by race director based on rider age or skill level at the time of the event.

GENERAL RULES for Stacyc / Strider classes

Stacyc  / Strider Class rules :

A.) All bikes must have visible numbers and number plate ( you may purchase one from rider registration )
B.) All racers should have back up batteries ( you may purchase back up batteries at rider registration )
C.) Race Format is relative to specific race event ( see Stacyc racing in menu)
D.) Age as of Jan-1
E.)  Helmet and shoes are required . Rider must always wear proper protective equipment, such as an approved and properly fitted safety helmet (with chin strap securely buckled) and shoes (with enclosed toe and heel that cover the entire foot).
F.)  AME strongly suggests STACYC foot rests.
G.) Shoelaces must be tied and out of the way of the wheels, motor and drive system.
H.) No riding barefooted or in sandals.
I.)Long-sleeved shirt and long pants are required. Gloves, elbow pads, kneepads, and eye protection are recommended.

j) Classes may have limited entry’s please see Stacyc menu for specific event details. (each race may have multiple divisions)awards will issued to top-5 finishers in each division.


Brushless motors , after Market Handle Bars , Grips , levers , tires , chains ,seats, sprockets, foot rests permitted in all classes. After market Batteries ,& Disk Breaks are permitted.


Motorcycle & Minicycle / Equipment Specifications:

Two millimeter over standard OEM bore maximum for all classes is permitted. ( no crank stroking )
all 51 classes will be allowed 61cc max cc
Max age for 51cc racer is 8 years old
ktm / Husky electric bikes is permitted in EBIKE 4-8 or 51cc open classes ( not permitted in any other 51cc class ) ok for all 65cc classes
For 65cc open
Max age for 65cc open is 12 years of age
2 mm over bore permitted
No crank stroking permitted
Must use original frame
Must use oem wheel size
ALL Classes Must retain standard OEM wheel size ( big wheels permitted in the 85cc -112cc open class)
 Standard OEM frame required in all classes.

All other changes permitted.

85cc open Specifications:

112 cc maximum.
 150 cc 4-Stroke Honda permitted.
Standard or OEM super-mini wheel size
Standard OEM frame.

Other exemptions :

Honda CRF 50, and Suzuki JR 50 are eligible for all pw classes.

CRF 70 will be permitted in all 65cc classes.

150 cc –4 Stroke Honda permitted in all 85cc classes.



( example 51 cc bike can race in 65cc class or 65 cc bike can race in 85cc)

Riders may ride a more advanced class to gain experience and or to ride a second class. However if riders wins the higher class his status will go under review for advancement. ( example a 65 cc beginner class rider can race in the 65cc junior class for experience or to race a second class)

Riders are permitted to drop down one class if it’s there first time riding in a higher displacement class

(Example) rider has raced 51 cc novice for past year and had moved to higher 65cc displacement.

Rider will be permitted to drop down to race 65cc beginner class.


Suspension may be changed or modified but must fit in the oem frame mounts. No modified frames will be permitted.

Pit Guideline:

Follow all covid 19 guidelines.

respect the people around you, including but not limited to riders and their families, medical staff, AME Officials and flaggers. Foul language and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

Never cross the track while riders are on the track.
 Pick up all trash in pit area and on the race track.
Trash must be disposed of in approved containers.
Do not walk around or near heavy equipment.
 No open toe shoes or crutches allowed on the track.
Drones are prohibited Unless given written permission ftom the event promoter.
 No dumping of fuel, motor oil, grey or black water.
Pets must be on a leash or properly contained.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

All riders, mechanics, parents and people associated with the rider must not consume intoxicants or drugs that could affect their normal mental or physical ability or cause them to become harmful to the event.
Anyone found in violation of this policy is subject to immediate disqualification from the event.

Track Rules

Only riders officially entered are allowed on the race track.
   Any rider observed by an AME Official, cutting the track to re-run section during practice will be given last gate pick.
Any rider intentionally stopping on the track without a mechanical problem will be given last gate pick.
No rider may ride in the wrong direction on the track.
All repairs on the motorcycle must be done in pit area.
Riders going off the track must re-enter at the safest point possible without cutting off entire sections of the track. If a rider gains position or advantages by while off the track he will be penalized.
No rider may ride in a manner to endanger another rider. The penalty is disqualification.

Two way Helmet communication systems will ONLY be permitted DURING PRACTICE between rider and mechanic / parent.

Starting Line:

* pushing riders off start line in All 51 cc classes @ Stacyc classes strictly forbidden ! All rider crew must be completely off the start gates when the 15 second board is raised. Penalty for violation of these rules is disqualification from that race.

Riders not at the start grid when called for staging will be given last gate pick.
 Only one rider and one mechanic allowed in the staging and starting area.
 Riders will be centered behind gate grid.
After a rider picks his/her gate position it cannot be changed.
Tools to prep behind the gate are permitted.
Prep is allowed a maximum of 10’ from the starting gate
Bikes with mechanical issues before the start of the staged race will be ineligible to compete in that race.
Main event  gate pick will be determined by the heat race finish.
Start blocks permitted

Flags: Checkered Flag –race is complete

White Flag –courtesy flag indicating that there is one lap


Yellow Flag –Caution must reduce speed. No passing. Riders passing during yellow flag are subject to position penalty.

Red Flag: Race is stopped

If red flag is given and half the assigned laps have been completed the race will be scored as complete.

BLACK FLAG: Rider is Disqualified from the race. Rider must report to the Race Director immediately.


Riders must ride their designated practice to be eligible to compete in the days events.

Riders will be called in the Order they registered for the heat race.

Riders will be staged for the main event in the order they finished in there heat race.

Final event scoreand points is based on main event finish


1st – 25 points, 2nd– 22, 3rd – 20, 4th – 18, 5th – 16, 6th – 15, 7th – 14, 8th –

13, 9th  12, 10th – 11, 11th & down – 10 points.

Disqualifying Offense:

Falsifying age, ability or name.
Offering bribes to officials.
Engaging in any unfair practice, behavior or action that is detrimental to the sport of MiniCross.
Any Physical or Verbal altercation with an AME Official or other persons at the event.
Refusal to submit to a mechanical inspection.
Riding in a manner to endanger another competitor.
Violent or aggressive behavior by rider or crew will not be tolerated and any physical or verbal attack on another rider or crew will lead to immediate disqualification from the days event


All protest must be made in writing to an AME Official.

$100 fee FOR first timer and beginner classes eligibility protests


$100.00 fee for age protests

$300  displacement protests

AME will retain all fees paid. Fees payable by cash only.

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