MINI STARS CUP SERIES: Supplementary Rules & Regulations

Mini Stars Cup Series Saturday Afternoon Mini Cycle Race series is a 6 round series held at glen helen cycle parks stadium cross track located at 18585 Verdemont Ranch Rd San Bernardino, CA 92407

Mini stars Cup Series races are geared to introduce Minicycle riders / racers to an organized mini cycle racing program. Riders will learn all the basics of minicross racing and harness the knowledge and skills needed for future motorcycle racing.

Mini Stars races will be held on the Glen Helen Stadium Cross Tack Saturday Afternoon ( after the completion of stacyc cup races) and will start at 11 am

There will be multiple mini cycle classes offered

( see breakdown for your bike size,age,and skill level on the registration page)

Mini Cycle Categories:

pw 50

50 cc




stock and modified classes will be offered in select age and skill groups.

riders are permitted and encouraged to race more then one class.

all races will be one 5 lap race

Awards to top 5 finishers in each class