Glen Helen / Milestone

Gates open 6:30am

Riders Meeting 8:00 am

Practice 8:30 am

1st Race 10:00 pm

Sign all waivers

Minors must have parent present with current ID

Fill out event sponsor raffle ticket with first and last name

Riders meeting

Attend safety meeting before practice

Your class entry is final once the schedule is posted

Raffle winners announced after meeting (attendance is required)

Practice schedule

Check posting board for the time of your practice.

Practice with your entered class only


Report to staging on time

Staging referee will call your name and number to start line

Must have proper racing apparel

Motorcycle must meet class requirements

Good sportsmanship required at all times

Zero tolerance for violence of any kind at any time, you will be ejected from event with NO refunds… this includes any and all verbal attack’s.

Should you change motorcycles for any reason between motos, inform rider registration of the new number before the start of the moto, or you will not be scored.


* Weekly event sponsor product will be raffled at riders meeting

  1. Top 3 of each class is eligible for awards 10 or less riders
  2. Top 5 of each class is eligible for awards with 11 or more riders.
  3. All awards must be picked up by the last round of the series or award will be forfeited.
  4. series Results will be posted on www.Ameminicross.com after the completion of the event
  5. Series championship cup for class winners and plaques will be awarded to 2nd and 3rd in each class on the following Wednesday afternoon minicross practice day after the final race of the series.
  6. Protests must be made within 15 minutes of moto in question